Introducing Style Trek

2016 was a big, messy, incredible, terrible year for me. It was a lot of those things for a lot of folks.

For me: I left the city I've loved and grown up in to move across the country. I also left a job that I loved with people I adored. I moved in with the love of my life. After almost a decade of hustling non-stop, I started feeling the oft-feared burn-out. Despite challenges, I felt more love and community this year, from family and friends and colleagues, than I knew what to do with.

While throughout this year, the world felt like it was falling apart, all of those people encouraged me to follow what would make me happiest. And it's in that spirit that I've created Style Trek. 

In the past year and a half, I've traveled to over a dozen different countries, met incredible people working at the intersections of technology, social good, and lifestyle, refocused on my health and wellbeing, and committed to persistently being a better friend, partner, sister, and daughter.

I want to share those experiences and what I learn along the way with anyone who cares to listen. Maybe I can help someone find their passions, or at the very least a good taco spot.

So, stay tuned and read on. Say 'hello, 2017.' And welcome.